Expanding cooperation boundaries

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Expanding cooperation boundaries

Expanding cooperation boundaries Equipment of a foreign customer to be upgraded at the production facilities of JSC ALEVKURP has arrived to Belarus.

In the upgrade process the equipment hardware with be replaced with modern digital components and delivered back to the foreign customer. Implementation of cutting-edge developments in the area of radiolocation, SHF and power electronics equipment, using unique technologies, provide means for extending service life and enhancing performance characteristics of the equipment significantly. Works shall be made in close cooperation with other companies of State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

JSC ALEVKURP always tries to accommodate requests of the customer by offering flexible cooperation terms. The variety of possible cooperation options is extended by providing services on a “turnkey” basis at the production facilities of JSC ALEVKURP (as well as providing upgrade services at the customer’s territory or supplying upgrade kits).

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